Rudy Giuliani’s Life Is Falling Apart, But He Still Found Time To Start A Feud With ‘The Daily Show’

Rudy Giuliani is doing what anyone who might soon owe $43 million (money he doesn’t have) in damages to a pair of Georgia poll workers he defamed: feud with The Daily Show. “Yikes. This show hasn’t been funny in years. I didn’t even realize it was still running. I don’t even recognize the host other than to say he looks like a slob,” the slobbish former mayor wrote on X, referring to guest host Kal Penn. “…and what are you hoping for when you say, ‘the end of Rudy Giuliani?’ Sick people, and definitely not funny!”

Giuliani was replying to a Daily Show segment about his litany of legal woes, including his lawyer claiming that “if you award them what they are asking for, it will be the end of Mr. Giuliani.” Penn won’t be shedding any tears for the alleged groper. “The end of Rudy Giuliani? Oh no, that sounds… awesome,” he rejoiced this week. “The end of Rudy Giuliani is, like, the best-case scenario. Why is Rudy’s lawyer threatening the jury with a good time?”

Penn then imaged a scenario where Giuliani is “broke and sobbing like a little bitch” and “crying so hard, he pees his pants, and that pee gets all over the floor.” If only he could afford a new car to cry (and fart) in.

You can watch The Daily Show segment below.