People Are Making Fun Of Rudy Giuliani For Not Understanding Twitter

12.04.18 6 months ago 10 Comments

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Senior citizens never expected a future in which they could beam their thoughts out over a place called “the information superhighway,” so making fun of their misadventures with social media is almost too easy a laugh, like kicking a dead horse. But there are plenty of exceptions. A good one is Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of NYC, failed presidential candidate, onetime SNL host, and, currently, ever-bumbling, Clouseau-esque attorney to one President Donald J. Trump demonstrated Tuesday the extent to which he doesn’t understand Twitter. Which is to say, quite a bit, as we’ve already learned before.

Tuesday night, Giuliani took to the social media site to defend his boss, this time from the narrowing-in Mueller investigation. His tweet was torturous and dense — so dense that Giuliani made plenty of punctuation errors. Several times he forgot to put a space between one sentence and the next. (Hey, at least he didn’t do the dreaded two spaces.)

It’s ugly to look at, but no biggie, right? Except one of the screw-ups inadvertently created a link to a website that doesn’t exist. See, if you fail to put a space between your period and the word “in,” you accidentally form a url for a site located in India. No, G20.In was not a functioning website…when Giuliani initially tweeted his tweet. But no surprise that some internet chucklehead seized the day, creating a new site from Giuliani’s typo that was, shall we say, deeply unflattering to the most powerful person in the world.

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