Always Feminine Products Company Released A Fake Sex Tape As A Viral Marketing Hoax

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03.24.15 2 Comments

This story is everything wrong with viral marketing and, well, the web in general: Three weeks ago a video appeared on the internet showing Brazilian TV personality and comedian Sabrina Sato in a state of undress. The 18-second clip showed Sato (allegedly) getting out of bed and walking around semi-nude. Word began spreading that it was the beginning of a sex tape. Here’s the clip in question…

As Buzzfeed notes, a YouTube search yields several bootlegs of the original.

3-24-2015 3-55-42 PM


Now here’s where things get weird. The next day, Always (the company that makes feminine pads) took responsibility for the video, saying they wanted to raise awareness about revenge porn. Um, okay?

In Sato’s own words from the clip (roughly translated): This was made to call attention to a very serious issue where many girls and women have sex and videos are made without our consent.

In short, Always wants to prevent “leaks.” Get it, because they’re a feminine pad company!? No, for real. This actually happened. Here’s their Facebook page showing the fake sex tape just ahead of their actual full ad, which is now private on YouTube.

always brazil


So, just to review here. A company released a clip of a half-naked woman that was supposedly taken without her permission in an attempt to teach us all about leaking revenge porn?

Sure, ok. Thanks Always.


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