Say Hello To This Philadelphia Man Walking His Pet Squirrel Around On A Leash

Yesterday I ran with a story about a man getting attacked by a squirrel who he was stupidly trying to take a selfie with, commenting: “So here’s your friendly reminder that squirrels, while adorable creatures, are still wild animals they will eff your ess up.”

Well, because the universe is a contradictory b*tch goddess, this story just popped up in my twitter feed via my local community news website, of all places, about a man walking around Southwest Philadelphia with a pet squirrel on a leash. As one does? CityPaper writes:

According to comments on various posts, this man lives on Chester Ave., has had the squirrel since birth and frequently takes it to the store. He also has raccoons.

Note, he said nothing about keeping possums, because — while I may have to change my stance on squirrels — I reiterate that possums are the worst and you’d be better off with a gremlin as a housepet.

I’ve watched this video at least five times in now and I can’t stop being in love with it. Never change, Philadelphia.

(Via West Philly Local)

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