MAGA Die-Hard Scott Baio And Richard Marx Can’t Stop Tearing Each Other Apart, And It’s Not Going Well For Scott Baio

Oh boy. I’m not sure where to start here because two 1980s pop-culture figureheads began fighting (Monday) on Twitter, and it’s still going strong with a losing party in full view. Let’s back up a little bit.

The situation in Afghanistan’s a disaster, straight-up, and there’s no debate on that fact, but people disagree on where to place the overall blame. Clearly, President Biden didn’t handle the withdrawal aspect well, although pop-music-sensation/hair-icon Richard Marx found himself pointing out (to Happy Days actor Scott Baio, who has “Chachi” in his Twitter bio) that the War in Afghanistan spans several administrations. The right wing would love to blame Biden for all of it, somehow (and Don Jr. has been gloating over the timing), although the right-wing doesn’t want to talk about the dodgy Trump deal that contributed to the catastrophe.

For whatever reason, Baio decided to call out Marx while asking of celebrity leftists to ask, “Where are you now?” about a Fox News headline about reported Taliban targeting of U.S. allies. This led Marx to ask, “When your racist draft-dodging hero was calling our own military servicemen and women ‘losers and suckers’ where the f*ck were you? You disingenuous [redacted] little twerp.” This led to a “Dick Marx” comeback, of course.

And this eventually led Marx to explain that what he’s been doing lately is tending to a family tragedy, which is a significant one. Marx’s mother, singer Ruth Marx, has passed away. She’s been beautifully eulogized by the LA Times‘ Maureen McDonnell.

Scott Baio didn’t stop firing back after Marx’s mention of a tragedy. He went on to call Marx “the barely 5’3 lil man that allegedly f*cked another woman while being married, sh*thead! Your 4 inch feathered hair didn’t fool anyone lil guy……”

In response, Marx wrote, “People actually get divorced without cheating, little Nazi. Multiple sexual assault claims against you, both male and female. All liars? No wonder you love Trump.” He added, “You mocked parents of murdered children, you degenerate f*ck. You’re what scum scrapes off the bottom of its shoe.”

Then Marx addressed the height-obsession coming from Baio. “Google also says the great Sammy Hagar is 5’ 10. But seriously…this is some childish-ass sh*t,” Marx remarked. “And Scott Baio is absolutely a guy who would mock the height or appearance that his lord and savior chose for people. Cuz…he’s a ‘Christian.'”

Here’s Baio’s reply: “You’re a tiny angry lil troll.”

That led Marx to put it out there: “Look. At. Your. Responses.”

Well, let’s just say that people are here for it, meaning that they’re here for Marx handily winning this feud (even if cheap shots are being taken by both of them).

We’ll be, you know, “right here waiting” for more.