Die-Hard MAGA Scott Baio Is Now Feuding With Richard Marx Over Afghanistan, And It’s Getting Ugly

At this point, there’s no argument about the situation in Afghanistan being a disaster. Yet there’s a lot of finger pointing going on. President Biden has pointed towards the Trump administration’s dealmaking for “peace” that ultimately wasn’t honored. An amped-up Don Jr. can’t stop gloating about the Fall of Kabul on Biden’s watch (and receiving comeuppance). And Don Jr. has claimed that his dad would swoop in like Batman and save everyone, which hasn’t happened, although Blackwater founder Erik Prince has been called “an absolute POS” for charging people $6500 for a ride out of town.

On the die-hard MAGA front, the blame keeps on flying after a U.S. drone strike with fallout, and reports that the Taliban is placing “kill” squads to go after U.S. allies. On that note, Scott Baio, who definitely has “Chachi” in his Twitter bio, tweeted a Fox News headline and tweeted at a handful of celebrity leftists to ask, “Where are you now?” One of those names happened to be 1980s pop sensation Richard Marx, to whom Baio declared, “his is your guy! Where are you now? I’m praying for our military that was killed and those left behind because of your guy. P.S. Trump has nothing to do with this.”

Well, Richard Marx responded. He didn’t defend Biden’s (pretty clearly botched) withdrawal tactics, but he did point out that this is a 20-year war, and no one single U.S. president is to blame. “The shitshow in Afghanistan has lots of multi-administration blame to go around,” Marx tweeted. “When your racist draft-dodging hero was calling our own military servicemen and women ‘losers and suckers’ where the f*ck were you? You disingenuous [redacted] little twerp.”

Baio was all too happy to fire back while addressing Richard as “Dick Marx.” Oh boy. He also retweeted a “sh*tshow” insult.

Marx wasn’t here for it, and he answered the question about what he’s been doing lately: “I’ve been tending to a family tragedy.” Then he added, “Be grateful all you have on your plate right now is tweeting Fox propaganda to people you’ve never met.” Fair enough.