Sean Hannity Quickly Cut To Commercial After Nikki Haley Brought Up One Of Trump’s Many Brain Farts

Last week a special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents found that he was not guilty of any malfeasance…while stating that his memory was “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” and “poor.” Meanwhile the person likely running against him for president later this year isn’t doing so hot either. Donald Trump has been having massive, bizarre brain farts for months. When a fellow GOP candidate pointed that out, one of Trump’s lackeys couldn’t cut her off fast enough.

Per Media Matters, Nikki Haley — the last remaining GOP candidate who’s not the former president — went on Hannity Thursday, and she ended her stint by pointing out one of Trump’s biggest recent gaffes: when he repeatedly confused her with someone whose first name also starts with an “N.”

“We’re doing this because we have a country to save, and everybody’s blinded by the fact that we’ve got these two 80-year-old candidates,” Haley said as Hannity tried to rush her off.

“I mean, Trump got me confused with Pelosi not too long ago,” she added.

At that point Hannity ramped things up even more, saying, “We’ve got to roll.”

Before Haley’s mic was completely cut off, she was in the middle of saying, “We need to move forward.”

After the special counsel report was released, the Biden team aggressively pushed back against it, calling it politically motivated. Meanwhile Trump has been unsure who’s currently president, claimed Biden could start “World War II,” and said curious things about how magnets work.

(Via Media Matters)