Sean Hannity Pointedly Declared That He’s Pro-COVID Vaccine, As People Wait For Tucker Carlson To Reveal Whether He Got The Jab

People continue to wonder whether Tucker Carlson’s secretly been vaccinated while he makes baseless, fearmongering claims about COVID vaccines and urges his viewers to harass people who take whatever COVID precautions make them feel comfortable. Meanwhile, several of his Fox News colleagues have taken a different on-air perspective. The entire Fox & Friends trio — Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade — all made it known that they were vaccinated and relieved about it with Doocy adding that those who choose not to get the shot are “in peril.”

And guess who else? Sean Hannity is climbing aboard the pro-COVID vaccine train as well, and he did so during a moment where Stephen Miller ghoulishly could not stop grinning. “I don’t think Dr. Steve Miller or Dr. Sean Hannity have a right to tell people what to do, now,” declared Hannity. “I do believe in science, and I believe in vaccinations… my favorite after I’ve studied everything: I leaned on the J&J shot. My own personal, after reading everything, for a variety of reasons.”

Whoa, right? Dude even chose a “favorite” out of the big three (including Moderna and Pfizer) available in the United States. (Your move, Tucker!) Also, a certain contingent of Fox News audience members might be very confused right about now…

Lest one think that Hannity had an entirely calm evening, though, he also zeroed in on what he’s calling “Biden’s Gas Crisis.” Somehow, Hannity’s attempting to blame Biden for the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, and this caption led to a choice “bean burritos” joke from Vox’s Aaron Rupar.