Sean Hannity Fans And Foes Are Getting Ugly As The #BoycottKeurig Battle Reaches New Heights

This weekend’s #BoycottKeurig movement — which began after the coffee-brewer manufacturer pulled ads from Sean Hannity’s Fox News program because he defended Roy Moore against allegations of sexual contact with a minor when he was in his 30s — has turned into a full-on battle. Buzzfeed’s offices broadcast the above video on Monday morning after employee Jesse McLaren came into work early to paste stickers of Hannity’s face atop all of the building’s Keurig machines.

McLaren’s antics counter the other weirdness at hand, which includes Hannity fans actually destroying their Keurig machines and posting the video evidence. You can watch a bunch of those below, but it’s important to first note how Hannity is rallying his troops on Twitter. He’s very excited to endorse a more “patriotic” brand of coffee while pledging to give away 500 non-Keurig coffee brewers to those with the “best videos!!”

And so, Hannity’s fans are answering the call, which means that they’re destroying expensive brewers to defend the defense of an alleged pedophile. Here are videos of some Keurigs being thrown off buildings and being hit by golf clubs while one user declares the “Keurig Smash Challenge” to be a thing.

Internet, what are you doing? Stop the madness!