Sean Penn Rolled Out Of Bed To Hop Into An MSNBC Interview, And Was A Total 2020 Mood

Sean Penn knows how to keep things interesting when he’s hopping into news-mode, that’s for sure. Back in 2016, he bizarrely wrote (in Rolling Stone) about his clandestine meeting with El Chapo and passing gas next to the drug lord. His pursuits this year, however, have been much more altruistic, including his efforts to help provide free COVID testing in California. To that end, Penn appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe for a very early interview, and let’s just say that he accurately captured the essence of 2020.

Honestly, the dude nailed it. I like to imagine that he’s silently standing in solidarity with those of us who’ve logged onto an “audio only” Zoom call, only to hear a suggestion to turn on the camera. It’s 2020, man, and Penn’s got more important stuff to do than hair-stuffs. As founder of the Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) non-profit organization, he’s working with Peace Corps members and in conjunction with Los Angeles officials to organize drive-through testing facilities and make sure they’re running smoothly.

So, if Penn decides that looking like a sharp-dressed man is not a priority (at probably 5:30am PST), let the man do what he wants. And honestly, people are embracing the vibe. Let’s face it: we are all Sean Penn today.

Again, it’s all for a good cause, and there’s no energy left for vanity!

Oh, and the mood would not be complete without Jeff Spicoli references to remind us all of Penn’s Fast Times At Ridgemont High days. Sean Penn is definitely winning the day.

By the way, Penn has seen you tweets, people, and he has responded: “If you think my hair goes wild on Morning Joe when hacked by Russians (allegedly), you should see how much wilder it goes when peeps donate to @COREResponse. You really should:).” See the donation link below.