Seth Rogen Commemorates The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Pineapple Express’ With Some Delightful Tweets

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While Knocked Up and Superbad are still celebrated as some of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen‘s greatest collaborations from the early 2000s, their work on 2008’s stoner comedy Pineapple Express shines just as well. Seeing as how the surprisingly violent comedy’s 10th anniversary is today, Rogen decided to share some behind-the-scenes bit about the film’s development, production, and marketing on Twitter. For example, James Franco’s character Saul apparently wore a headband for much of the movie because the actor slammed his head on a screw while filming a stunt that, as Rogen revealed, is in the final cut.

“There’s a shot (that’s in the movie) when we are running through the woods, Franco hits his head on a tree,” Rogen explains in one of his tweets. “He actually hit his head on a screw that was holding a pad in place and got stitches.” Ouch, though at least not everything the director, writer and actor had to share about the film was that violent. I mean, a lot of it is — including the sheer amount of planning and re-planning that went into killing Danny McBride’s character Red. Also, remember the smoking billboard? Not only does Rogen remember it, but one of his Twitter followers also found an old video of the contraption.

Even so, the weed-related trivia alone is enough to warrant interest.

So too are all of Rogen’s recollections regarding his, Franco’s and McBride’s many onset injuries.

Speaking of McBride, the Red character was actually supposed to die earlier in the film, but Rogen and company decided to keep him around because he was so funny.

Poor dude went through a lot, but at least adult film actress Stormy Daniels played his character’s ex-wife.

Don’t forget the smoking billboard!