Seth Rogen’s Newly Created Weed Rolling Tray Inspired Some Odd Comebacks (And He’s Not Afraid To Shut ‘Em Down)

Seth Rogen puts his money where his mouth is, quite literally, and he’s reaping success for his weed brand in the aftermath. He couldn’t be more pleased to sell his wares in the U.S., and Seth’s regularly tweeting out the fruits of one of his other loves (pottery spinning). Well, he’s combined the same colorful spirit from a lot of his pottery creations with his weed love and “invented a rolling tray.”

Here’s his very important Twitter announcement, complete with video demonstration.

Naturally, the rolling tray is a big hit on Rogen’s Houseplant website, and the above tweet’s sitting at 620,000 “likes” and counting, but not everyone can witness success without an argument. Seth, as well, was cool with pushing back a bit in his replies toward sporadic detractors. One user attempted to point out that Seth “designed” rather than “invented” a tray, and Seth got a little (good-naturedly) hyperbolic while illustrating how silly it is to argue that point. “Nah dude I invented the concept of trays,” Rogen tweeted. “Motherf*ckers were rolling in bowls and on rocks and sh*t before me.”

Another Twitter user declared, “This is brilliant but you shouldn’t put the crutch in after you roll this is a common mistake I’ve heard about.”

“If I do it, it ain’t a mistake,” Seth responded.

To which another user reacted: “imagine mansplaining weed to Seth Rogen lol.”

This is all in good fun, hopefully, but some people do take these things too seriously. When someone else stepped up to express respect for Seth’s “entrepreneurialism,” they also advised that he “[m]aybe scale back just to special occasions” while smoking weed because “I worry that if you keep smoking grass every day your memory will go.” Hmm.

Rogen could only wonder about this one: “Is this a joke?” Good question.