Of Course, There’s A Sexy ‘Sold Out Chicken Sandwich’ Halloween Costume Now

It’s that time of year again… pumpkin spice everything, apple picking, and costume manufacturers seeking to capitalize off of the year’s trends and headlines with “sexy” Halloween costumes. So far, as food and beverage inspired sexy costumes go, 2019 will undoubtedly feature no shortage of ladies parading around as White Claw cans (no pun intended). But perhaps the most absurd yet not terribly surprising costume is based on the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich–which was introduced in August and completely sold out just weeks later.

For this we once again have online fashion retailer to thank, which recently proclaimed on Twitter that the “Sold Out Chicken Sandwich is back!”

Thankfully, for those who want to look like Canola oil and pickle smells, the Yandy “Sold Out Chicken Sandwich Costume” is still extremely very much in stock at the price point of $79.95.

For those wondering what all that will buy you, the description for the costume is as follows:

Winner, winner chicken dinner…or so you thought. A few too many fast food lovers fantasized about this five star fried feast. Is it due to that unbelievable batter or maybe its drool-worthy bun? Either way, these seasoned breasts will be back on full display in no time. Be the hottest Southern chick in town, and send your babe’s taste buds turning in this exclusive Sold Out Chicken Sandwich costume featuring a light brown velour bodysuit with a strapless neckline, a ruffled bodice with a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior, a white SOLD OUT stamp, a cheeky cut back, and matching ruffled bun arm puffs.

And what about anyone wanting to dress up like a literal piece of sexy meat, but happens to be vegetarian? Not to worry, because Yandy also makes a Beyond Burger Costume, complete with a sesame seed bust print, ruffled lettuce trim, and matching headband proclaiming “PLANT BASED” printed on a jaunty red flag.

Karma not included.