You Will Never Be As Chill As This Fisherman Who Dealt With A Boat Jumping Great White Shark

It’s safe to say that the wildlife in Australia is not to be f*cked with. Between the crocodiles, giant spiders, and even rogue seals, there is a while world of nope living on the smallest continent. However, perhaps the most terrifying creatures that are popular down under are the great white sharks, especially when they jump into your boat.

Yep, that is precisely what happened to Terry Selwood, a 73-year-old who was out fishing off the coast of Evans Head, Australia, when a 9-foot-long great white jumped aboard and knocked him over. Selwood was rescued by the local marine rescue unit, but unfortunately the shark met its end onboard.

Now, you would think that such an incident would put Selwood off of fishing, at least for a while, but it in fact had the opposite effect.

“It won’t deter me from fishing, no way in the world,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Company. But really, it’s not a great story, it’s just a mundane thing that just happened and it’s over and done with, but something that I’ll remember. But we’re all well and now I’ll just get on with life and repair the damage he made to my boat.”

Only in Australia would a shark leaping into your boat be categorized as “mundane.” However, with almost a hilarious amount of deadly wildlife around, I guess shark shenanigans are business as usual.

(Via Mashable)