You Have To Watch These Giddy Brits Crack Six Double Yolked Eggs In A Row


Maybe you’ve decided to remove the yolks because you’re trying your best to eat healthy in 2017. Think of your annoyance when you crack the first egg only to find it contains a pair of yolks (also called a double yolk) instead of the usual one. What if you cracked six eggs in a row and every single one of them contained a double yolk? You’d probably think you were living in Bizzaro World or something. What are the odds?

Well, the odds are a ridiculous: ten quintillion (yes, that’s a real number) to one. You have better odds of winning the lottery, getting hit by lightning, and being bit by a shark in the same day. You might be wondering how odds like these even exist. They are based on projection that finding one double yolk in a regular box of eggs is 1,000 to one. Multiply that by six and you get that crazy, make-believe, Dr. Suess-esque number.

Even with these odds, a man in England actually had this happen to him. Phil Cooper was only trying to make eggs Benedict for he and his friend when he began cracking eggs. He was incredibly surprised to see the first egg contained a pair of yolks. Many people will never encounter one double yolk egg in their whole life. Cooper kept on cracking these, very special eggs and, to his surprise, the double yolks kept on coming.

According to the Surrey Mirror, after the fifth double yolk in a row, Cooper decided the time was right to bring out his camera phone. If he didn’t film it, how could anyone possibly believe that this actually happened? It’s pretty much the equivalent of walking in the woods and coming across Bigfoot riding a unicorn and forgetting to take a picture.

“I had a box of eggs, some ham and bread so, of course, we decided to make eggs Benedict, one of my favorites,” Cooper told the Surrey Mirror. He began boiling water and cracked the first egg. “I remember thinking, ‘that bad boy is mine’. Next egg, another double yolker.” And it got to point where Cooper thought he wouldn’t crack a normal egg ever again.

Many people consider Cooper to be a lucky man. But, he may not feel so lucky when he gets his cholesterol checked after eating all of those yolks.