Watch How Disgusting The Corn Drill Challenge Looks In Slow Motion

Let’s level here for a second; the corn drill challenge is absolutely disgusting, kind of stupid and can be kind of dangerous as well. That’s not going to stop the internet from being the internet, but still, we all know that it’s stupid and that’s why we can’t stop watching people affix cobs of corn to a drill and trying to eat the summer favorite off of a power tool. So of course, in the age of YouTube, GoPros and general excess something like the corn drill challenge hasn’t gone full internet until someone decides to do it in slow-motion.

Enter the Slow Mo Guys, stalwarts of the YouTube movement to put everything in slow motion with hilarious results, they decided to tackle this challenge on what is a rather beautiful weekend in the western United States and the results are, frankly, quite disgusting. To make it even worse, Gavin slathered the corn in ketchup, so when the drill started going there was splatter everywhere.

Don’t worry, they’ve got multiple angles on this bad boy, so you can be disgusted from not just one, but two angles! So sit back, enjoy one of the more ridiculous YouTube sensations of the past year in slow motion and be happy that it’s already been done so you don’t have to bust out a drill and try it yourself. That’d just be stupid.