‘SNL’ Weekend Update Kicked Mitch McConnell On The Way Out After He Announced He’s Stepping Down

Last week Mitch McConnell, the longest serving party leader in the Senate’s history, announced he was stepping down. The move wasn’t unexpected. His party has been moving ever Trump-ward, and those two sure do not get along. (Not that McConnell won’t still support him, not even after he made racist jokes about his wife.) What’s more, he kept freezing up in public. But there are at least two people who aren’t sad to see him go: the hosts of SNL Weekend Update.

During their latest segment, Michael Che and Colin Jost took turns doing something they always enjoy doing: introducing a figure they dislike with a photo of them “seen here” doing something unflattering. For McConnell, they did that four times. Here’s what they had to say over a McConnell freeze frame:

  • [over a photo of him smiling] “seen here catching up on news from the Middle East”
  • [over the same photo] “seen here walking out of a theater after watching 12 Years a Slave
  • [same photo, once more] “seen here after rearranging a blind woman’s furniture”
  • [over a different photo of him smiling and giving a thumbs up] “seen here watching a single mother sell her blood for diaper money”

The two had other jokes at McConnell’s expense. “McConnell has been leader for almost 20 years,” Che said, “but he first got involved in politics back in 1968 when he lost a fiddle contest to the devil.”

Jost later joked that when McConnell officially leaves, he’ll be replaced by a “frozen embryo holding an assault rifle.”

You can watch the latest SNL Weekend Update in the video above.