Someone Got Some Anonymous In My Fashion Show

Sure, Toronto Fashion Week doesn’t garner as much attention as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City or South Beach, but like Gavin Volure said, “Toronto is just like New York but without all the stuff!” A 30 Rock quote and a dig at Canada – my day is complete.

But this year’s fashion week didn’t go off without a little controversy, even if it was of the misplaced variety. Hotshot designer du jour Adrian Wu used the debut of his new styles to infuse fashion with politics, as his models were sporting Guy Fawkes masks. So of course people invoked Anonymous.

Settle down, kids.

At Adrian Wu’s show at Toronto Fashion Week, the 21-year-old’s style notes indicated his show was a statement on “specific comparisons between North American politics versus European politics and how it affects human rights by citing the movie V for Vendetta.”

Sure, there were V for Vendetta masks on the models but the bulbous gowns that came out on the runway, which featured balloon apple trees for a backdrop, might have made for a difficult game of connect the dots. (Via the Toronto Star)

Haha, of course there was an important political message that the designer was trying to make everyone aware of, but did you see the gams on those models? Zabba wabba wowee!

In all seriousness, we applaud Wu’s decision to have his model wear the masks to support his political ideologies. In fact, all of my models at the upcoming UPROXX Fashion Week will be wearing paper bags over their heads, but, trust me, it ain’t political.

(Images via the Toronto Star.)