Sony Pictures Is Turning ‘Spider-Man’ Into An Annual Franchise

Spidey of Duty.

Gamers are very familiar with annualized franchises that pump out new entries year after year like clockwork, but up until now we’ve been allowed at least some room to breath between blockbuster movie releases. Well, that’s about to end, and appropriately it’s a company that also has a foot in video games that’s making the change.

Sony Pictures plans to put out some form of Spider-Man movie every single year going forward. This rigorous release schedule will begin with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014, next up is probably The Sinister Six in 2015, then The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2016 and Venom in 2017. In related news it’s now confirmed that Marc Webb will be directing the third ASM movie and that it will have, like, 50 villains in it (okay, maybe I’m just extrapolating with that second bit).

Why’s Sony so eager to burn the Spider-Man franchise at both ends? Because they’ve got nothing else. Aside from The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony’s recent release schedule has been riddled with flops and the only other upcoming prospect they have is a big budget version of Goosebumps. So yeah, expect Spidey to be Sony’s movie equivalent of Call of Duty for some time to come.

via Variety