Sophie Turner Tries To End The Bottle Cap Challenge In A Hilarious Instagram Video

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For weeks the internet has been plagued with the “Bottle Cap Challenge,” in which celebrities one-up each other by removing a bottle cap by kicking them. Not everyone’s been a fan. One person who thinks we should all move on to the next viral sensation? Sophie Turner.

As caught by Entertainment Weekly, the Game of Thrones alum dropped her own take on the challenge on her Instagram Stories. Past participants have gone the traditional route. Jason Statham kicked his cap. Donnie Yen kicked his while blindfolded. Mariah Carey thought outside the box, unscrewing hers with the sheer power of her singing voice.

All very impressive. But Turner essentially channeled Indiana Jones in his famous duel with the mighty swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the video, the actress — sitting on a plane, and presumably at some portion of her honeymoon with husband Joe Jonas, and evidently quite a bit tired from her travels — kept it simple.

“I look terrible but somebody’s got to do it,” reads her caption. Sure enough, all Turner does is say, “Stop this. Now,” then simply unscrew a bottle of champagne and down it.

Surely someone can top this. Perhaps the next step is for someone to say they’re doing the Bottle Cap Challenge and then do absolutely nothing. Or perhaps we’ll simply have to find a new welcome distraction.

(Via EW)