Experience The Horror Of A ‘Spider Tornado’ Exploding In Your Car Through Someone Who Live-Tweeted Their Ordeal


Spiders. We all know the arachnids are an important and integral part of our ecosystem, but counterpoint: do they have to be so creepy and gross and awful? It can’t be a coincidence that everyone hates them, to the extent that they can make fully grown-ass men lose their cool like nothing else.

One such “fully grown-ass man,” Chris Tarantino, a digital communications specialist who focuses on emergency situations from Rochester, New York, was on a business trip in Florida when he noticed that a spider egg had burst open in his Hertz rental, releasing a virtual “tornado” of baby spiders throughout the car. Apparently the whole thing started when Tarantino returned to his car after lunch and a walk in downtown Fort Myers. He had just reached into the backseat of his car to get something out of his backpack when he first noticed something was off.

“It wasn’t until I looked a few times that I realized the gravity of the situation. I’m just glad they didn’t decide to hatch while I was driving, or else I’d be dead,” he later told the Fort Meyers News-Press.

Like a good digital communications specialist who found himself in the face of his own crisis, Tarantino live-tweeted his ordeal, hoping that someone from Hertz would take notice of his predicament.

And it just got worse from there…

Eventually, Chris turned to some “liquid therapy” while he waited for the situation to be resolved.

At some point, the internet stepped in to “actually” his use of the term spider tornado, although to be fair, “spider haboob” sounds way less terrifying.

But if there’s one thing to really take away from the poor guy’s nightmare, it’s that it was a lesson in preparedness!

And in the end, Hertz really did come through for their customer. Hopefully they comped him those beers, too.

Usually in these types of situations, we say “pics or it didn’t happen,” but in this case we’ll just take his word for it.

(via USA Today)