Forget Sharks Or Alligators, People In Florida Are Being Attacked By Squirrels Now

We all know that Florida is a dangerous place thanks to the state’s sharks, alligators, hurricanes, meth heads, and Zika virus; but now we can also add squirrels to that list — yes, squirrels! On Thursday afternoon an errant squirrel found its way into the activity room of a senior center in Deltona, and it decided that it was there to do two things: eat nuts and kick ass. (But it was all out of nuts!)

The woman who called 911 for medical assistance told the dispatcher that at least three people had been scratched or bitten and were bleeding.

People can be heard in the background asking each other if they are all right. “I feel light-headed. I don’t feel good,” a woman said in the background.

“I don’t know if we need an ambulance, but we need some care for people here,” the caller said. “ … The people are bleeding.”

Eventually they managed to get the squirrel out but the condition of the victims is reportedly unknown. While squirrels are typically harmless, they can be known to become aggressive, especially in and around urban areas. It’s unclear what made this particular squirrel go after a bunch of poor old people, but hopefully management at the senior center will be better prepared for squirrel attacks in the future.

Below is audio of the full 911 call:

(Via Click Orlando)

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