The Honest Trailer For ‘Star Fox 64’ Tells Fox McCloud To Yiff In Hell

Smosh Games and Screen Junkies are back with another Honest Trailer about a video game, a weekly diversion from their many honest trailers bashing terrible movies. They’ve already dropped truth bombs about Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto V, and Skyrim. Now they return to the same console as their first game trailer, the N64.

Experience the Epic 1997 title Star Fox 64 like never before. Relive your favorite moments of the Star Wars Franchise dressed as a team of four bad ass furries. It’s time to show those monkeys who’s boss. Oh and don’t forget; Do a Barrel Roll!

They waste no time in getting to the furry jokes, and in pointing out that the dialogue was even cheesier than we remember, the mechanical “expert” of the team (Slippy Toad) even more helpless than we recalled. Damn that anthropomorphic amphibian.

Via Kotaku