Is This The Plot Of 'Star Wars Episode VII'? Billy Dee Williams On Dancing With The Star(War)s.

Hello, what have we here? It’s Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams, doing the cha cha with one of his many lovely lady friends on Dancing with the Stars. The 76 year old actor has arthritis, two hip replacements, and a history of back problems, but he looked strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark. Hopefully, pulling the ears off a gundark doesn’t require the ability to move swiftly, because Billy Dee doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

The dance number opened with a pair of stormtroopers on stage. R2-D2 rolled out to talk to Billy Dee, who wore what appeared to be Lando’s pajamas. I’m not sure, but I think R2 was warning him about the stormtroopers that were plainly within his field of vision. Billy Dee acted surprised and began to dance  move rhythmically walk slowly while a woman dressed vaguely like Slave Leia danced around him. The dance routine was performed to a medley of the disco version of the Star Wars theme and the Cantina Band song. After the dance ended, a couple of Ewoks in the audience proclaimed their love for Billy Dee Williams and gave his dance partner, Emma, an ominous warning.

The judges weren’t exactly impressed with Billy Dee’s “moves.” They awarded him a total score of 15 out of 30, the lowest of the night. The audience didn’t seem to agree with the assessment of the people who get paid to judge dancers, and booed every critical word they had to say. One couple will be eliminated next week, but I don’t think it’ll be Billy Dee and Emma. The elimination will be based on the number of phone-in votes each contestant receives, and if the studio audience is any indication, Billy Dee Williams is quite popular. Look for swimmer Diana Nyad to go home instead.

Feast your eyes on Billy Dee:

Oh, I guess you should probably see him dance, too.

Even if Billy Dee Williams somehow gets eliminated, he’ll get one more dance next week. This is important, because Disney-owned ABC really wants to hype the crap out of Disney-owned Star Wars. Expect tauntauns, AT-ATs, and other things with redundant syllables to be part of next week’s dance. Hey, let’s all take a moment to thank Odin that it’s not Harrison Ford out there dancing.

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