The Full ‘Star Wars Downunder’ Fan Film Is As Silly As We Hoped It Would Be

We enjoyed the trailer for fan film Star Wars Downunder, in which Michael Cox and Bryan Meakin reimagined Star Wars if Luke Skywalker were Australian. Now these tall poppies have shot a thirty minute fan film in South East Queensland which was screened two months ago at the Pythia Film Festival in Brisbane.

Check it out below to see this Jedi bloke go up against Darth Drongo, a real prize dill who’s been blowing up all the pubs and buggering off with the amber fluid.

The visual effects were done with Adobe After Effects, Lightwave 3D, Autodesk Motionbuilder, and other off the shelf software. The animated characters were created with Motion Capture. For that extra Aussie touch, the lightsabers are boomerangs…

“You call that a lightsaber. This is a lightsaber.”

The full movie is now available. Turning on the closed captioning is recommended.

[Thanks to Michael for sending this in.]