Star Wars Has Made How Much Money?

Boba Phat

Last month we celebrated Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with a picture gallery, and we celebrated the 35th anniversary of New Hope‘s release (May 25th) with a collection of Star Wars Weekends posters. WIRED has also readied something for the 35th anniversary: the infographic below regarding just how many gold doubloons George Lucas can heave himself upon.

Toys, clothing, books, videogames, all the ancillary stuff associated with the Star Wars films, has generated an estimated $23 billion in sales over the years. […] Add merchandise to the worldwide movie box office, DVD sales and rentals, and the Star Wars saga has brought in an estimated $33 billion. [WIRED]

The full breakdown is below. It doesn’t say it in that chart, but a Lucasfilm rep told WIRED that Darth Vader is one of the most lucrative characters in all product categories. Between all that money and Darth Vader’s popularity in this, somewhere David Prowse is (or should be) furious. He was the very tall guy in the Darth Vader suit who still hasn’t been paid his Return of the Jedi residuals because “the film hasn’t made a profit.” I bet he wishes he could use force choke for real.

[Banner picture by Kevin Knight.]