Stephen Miller’s Apparent Hair Spray Job While On ‘Face the Nation’ Has Twitter Cracking Up

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Stephen Miller is one of the Trump administration’s most dangerous boogeymen, but also one of the easiest to mock — a man so banal in his evil he’s even been schooled by Pauly Shore. The Senior Adviser to 45 has been involved in some of the team’s most dastardly and inhumane acts, from the “Muslim ban” to the firing of FBI Director James Comey to the decision to separate migrant children from their families. He’s also one of the few people to enrage the famously chill Jake Tapper, on top of being called a “hypocrite” by his very own uncle.

Sunday morning, Miller emerged from his tomb, as he’s wont to do on occasion, to skulk over to Face the Nation and brag about how the president will “absolutely” shut down the government to get funding for that Mexican border wall Trump still believes is a fairy tale that could come true. Miller’s cavalier statements come mere days after the death of a seven-year-old migrant while in Border Control custody, and if Miller’s hoped-for shutdown occurs, that means government employees would be stiffed paychecks over the holidays.

At least Miller bellowed these heinous, Scrooge-like pronouncements while sporting what looks like new sprayed-on hairdo.

The internet was quick to pounce on Miller’s words. It was also quick to point out that he had suddenly grown more hair, and unconvincingly at that. It’s a reminder that it’s not enough for this administration to be cartoonishly repugnant. They also have to be creatively weird about it, too.

Some tweeted a simple before and after.

Others went right for the jugular:

There were lots of images and gifs imagining the makeover as it happened.

And there were comparisons.

By now Stephen Miller is used to being dragged by the internet’s chuckleheads who keeps mocking to alleviate the anxiety over the pain and suffering his actions have and will cause. And perhaps it’s therapeutic to think that maybe he feels like Glenn Close at the end of the 1988 film version of Dangerous Liaisons.

Of course, we can’t let a meme distract us from the damage he’s causing. And yet…

But maybe the final word on the subject of Stephen Miller’s possibly false hair came from someone whose life has been unambiguously threatened by this administration’s actions.