Stephen Miller’s ‘Terrific Meeting’ With Trump (And Attempts To Wax Poetic About Baseball) Drew Lots Of Jeers From Social Media

The many who worked for Trump during his four cataclysmic years in office are currently struggling to find second acts for their careers, and unfortunately there are only so many pundit spots open at Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN. But none have the infamy of Stephen Miller, the former president’s senior advisor. Widely perceived as a draconian, immigrant-hating white nationalist who, like some monsters, is prone to public embarrassment, he’s been trying to rebrand as just another Republican culture warrior. And when he tried to get the band back together, it only lead to social media-wide mockery.

On Monday, Miller posted a photo of him with his old boss on his poorly followed Twitter account. (Seriously, he has just over 20,000 followers. By contrast, likely doomed Trumpist Matt Gaetz has over one million.) “Just had a terrific meeting with President Trump!” he wrote, though it wasn’t clear what a meeting between two unemployed people with zero power in government was supposed to be about.

Whatever matters they discussed didn’t matter. People just wanted to mock this particular meeting of the minds.

Many singled out Trump’s sad attempt to recreate the Oval Office in a much smaller room in the Florida country club where he now resides.

Some even spotted what looked like a clumsily hidden bottle of Coke, even as the GOP has cancelled the soft drink company for coming out against voter suppression laws in Georgia.

Some joked about what they might have discussed.

Others wondered why they were smiling.

Miller has been busy. On Sunday he launched into a thread about the MLB also coming out against Georgia’s new voter laws, attempting to wax nostalgic for baseball as “the American sport.” People weren’t buying him trying to sound human, even amidst some culture war nonsense.

Some mocked his attempt at moving prose.

Others said they don’t mind him nor others like him from skipping MLB games.

And others reminded us that very few people are seeing Miller’s tweets that aren’t ratioed.