Ranking All The Times Sterling Archer Cheated Death

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With the fate of our narcissistic (but still beloved) hero, Sterling Archer, currently up in the air, it’s important to remember that he has managed to cheat death time and time again. While we wait anxiously to hear of Sterling’s fate, not to mention everyone at the Figgis Detective Agency, here’s a ranking of all the other times that Archer faced death and managed to walk away on Archer… although sometimes not right away.

9. Fighting Pam

Pam Poovey (Amber Nash) has proven she can handle herself before (just ask her would-be kidnappers), but when you take someone as formidable as she is and put her inside a body cast made of cocaine, things are certain to get out of hand rather quickly. Archer learns this lesson right away when attempting to stop her from eating all the cocaine. Her response? Smashing his head against a tile wall, knocking him unconscious, giving him a possible concussion, and a bleeding head wound. Pretty minor stuff in the grand scheme of what Archer deals with, but even though it’s on the low end of the list, we all know that being knocked unconscious, even for an hour, is super bad for you.

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