Steve Bannon Didn’t Seem To Notice That News Broke Of His Indictment While He Was Recording His Podcast

On Friday, Steve Bannon was found in contempt of Congress and indicted on federal charges after he refused to comply with a subpoena issued by the committee investigating the events of Jan. 6. It was a big, perhaps even surprising move, considering Attorney General Merrick Garland hasn’t always been in a rush to serve the wishes of President Joe Biden. But there was one person who may have been surprised to see it: Steve Bannon himself.

As the indictment news broke, Bannon was in the middle of recording The War Room, his show and podcast that has been a fount of flamboyant voter fraud misinformation. Behind him was a TV airing CNN, and an eagle-eyed viewer managed to screengrab the moment when the words “Bannon indicted” appeared on a chyron. It was a real “Brockman in Trouble” moment, as Bannon kept right on talking and never once mentioned the news during the episode.

Surely someone informed Bannon that he was in big doo-doo beforehand, right? Possibly. Raheem Kassam, the on-again-off-again Trump ally’s co-host, implied that he just didn’t bring up that he may be heading to the slammer just so he could own the libs.

Bannon is far from the only Trump associate who’s been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee. A whole mess of requests went out last week, wrangling up the likes of Kayleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller. Trump himself has been struggling to block subpoenas, without much success, and while Bannon may think it’s cool to pretend like he doesn’t care about a federal indictment, he may change his tune once he’s stinking up a jail cell alongside the world’s unluckiest convict.

(Via Insider)