Steve Kornacki Got Real About Inadvertently Drawing A Penis-Map On Live TV

Considering the presidential election has already stretched into Thursday morning without a winner, we don’t know how MSNBC’s “Map Guy” Steve Kornacki is still alive let alone the finding time to make talk show appearances. And yet, on Wednesday night, the touchscreen guru managed to video chat with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he broke down what it’s like covering this unusual election and reminisced about the time he accidentally drew a giant penis on live TV.

After walking through what it’s like being on the MSNBC “Kornacki Cam,” which the election wizard constantly forgets is on until friends and family text him to remind him it’s live, Kornacki took a moment to “thank” Fallon for joking about a unfortunate drawing from the 2016 election. “I gotta tell you Jimmy, I got in trouble on your show because of that telestrator a few years ago because I was drawing on the map and you seemed to think it looked like a part of the reproductive anatomy.”

In Fallon’s defense, take a look at this thing. Even Kornacki’s co-host couldn’t keep it together at the time:

Via NBC/YouTube

If you’re wondering why Kornacki was attempting to draw some sort of fish or whale, that was actually supposed be a map of the United States. Unfortunately, the end result was a tad more phallic than the MSBNC correspondent was going for. Given that he’s been awake for over 18-hour stretches, it’s amazing he hasn’t made the same mistake this year. But with the way this election is going, there’s always another day.