Yes, Of Course Steve-O Poured Hot Sauce Directly Into One Of His Eyes On ‘Hot Ones’

In the newly released Season 14 finale of “Hot Ones,” Steve-O capped off the episode by pouring hot sauce directly into one of his eyes, which was obviously a first for the talk show that combines eating increasingly hot wings with celebrity interviews. In the random final moments, Steve-O basically ignored host Sean Evans’ last question and launched into a bit about how Gordon Ramsay is the all-time “Hot Wings” champ. Naturally, the Jackass star took that as a challenge, and an opportunity to shill one of his own products.

In what appears to be an unscripted moment, Steve-O got up out of his seat clutching a bottle of Steve-O’s Hot Sauce for Your Butthole, which is an actual thing that exists. After promoting his spicy sauce, Steve-O then proceeds to chug the whole bottle but doesn’t stop there. With a little bit of sauce still left at the bottom, he pours it into his eyes as Evans watches in absolute horror. The “Hot Ones” host seriously looks like he has tears in his own eyes as he watches Steve-O immediately regret the clearly painful stunt. “That last part was unnecessary,” Steve-O says before reaching for a glass of milk to wash the hot sauce out of his retinas.

Of course, setting his eyeballs on fire is another regular day for Steve-O, who made headlines back in December after he and co-star Johnny Knoxville managed to land themselves in the ER only two days into filming Jackass 4. The two were reportedly injured after jumping onto a trampoline while wearing a “f*cking tuba.”

(Via First We Feast)