How Will Stoya’s Shocking Allegations Against James Deen Affect The Adult Film World?

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WARNING: The tweets and allegations contained in this post may be alarming and explicit.

Many in the adult film world and elsewhere online were stunned on Saturday night when adult film actress Stoya posted the following regarding actor James Deen on Twitter:

Deen and Stoya reportedly dated as recently as 2013 and the pair are likely two of the most recognizable names in the industry. Deen is likely one of the more celebrated male names in the adult film world, alongside the likes of Ron Jeremy, and famously starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. Stoya, on the other hand, always seems to have interests in one aspect or another, having starred in several music videos, writing for publications like Vice and The Verge, and directing her own films.

Their status and crossover nature adds a certain layer of shock to Stoya’s allegations, challenging what a lot of people think about the two stars and pornography in general. The response to the tweets has been fairly positive so far, with many from the industry coming out to support the actress. This includes Deen’s previous exes Johanna Angel and Christy Mack, who recently faced a terrifying ordeal of her own at the hands of War Machine.

Several outside the industry have also already put their support behind Stoya, even creating the hashtag #solidaritywithstoya to create a conversation about the allegations brought up in the Tweets.

There also seems to be some early business rumblings from the revelation, bringing into question what it will mean for Deen in the future:

Aside from the initial tweets, both stars have remained silent on the matter to this point. A message from Buzzfeed to Stoya’s email for a comment was met with this reply:

“I am not available through any communication channels (including text, cell phone, twitter, email) until December 17th,”

Deen and his representatives have yet to respond to the allegations.

(Via Stoya / Buzzfeed)