The Uproxx Sunday Reader: From ‘Pop-Up Video’ To The Politics Of Porn

10.30.16 1 year ago


In the grand tradition of thick newspapers and lazy Sunday mornings, we’ve accumulated a brief guide to Uproxx’s in-depth longform stories, fascinating interviews, thought-provoking features, and awe-inspiring videos from the last week that you need to experience before errands and obligations take hold of your day off erase your down time. Below, you’ll find a quick description and a link to content that examines the worlds of entertainment, news, politics, culture, technology, and sports. In short: there’s something for everyone, so please enjoy and share.

‘The Internet Before The Internet’: How ‘Pop-Up Video’ Changed The Way We Devour Pop Culture


20 years after its initial debut and Pop-Up Video is still shaping our culture thanks to its impact on the nascent interview and the way it popularized factoids and our collective fascination with the things that entertain us. This oral history discusses the creation, rebellious existence, and legacy of the show. (Read)

The People Vs Prop 60: The Adult Film Industry Speaks Out On The Controversial Condom Law


In this detailed dive, Ashley Burns looks beyond the surface of Calfornia’s Proposition 60 ballot initiative and examines the ways it’ll affect the adult film industry and the concerns about government overreach. (Read)

How The Internet Chews Up And Spits Out Its Viral Celebrities

Uproxx/Getty/Shutterstock/Maggie Goldenberger

Mark Shrayber investigates the perilous journey that one endures when they are thrust into the limelight and branded as a viral celebrity. (Read)

2016 Election Fatigue Is Real And We’re All Feeling It


Uproxx News Editor Kim Ricci and Life Editor Stephen Bramucci wrestle with the thick burden of this exhausting and negative Presidential election. Together, they wonder how it will impact voters who watch, helplessly, as two underwhelming candidates try to tear each other apart. (Read)

Inside Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Unique Relationship With Nature, The Past, And Invaluable Junk

Getty Image

Martin Rickman meets up with Dale Earnhardt Jr. to explore how the Nascar legend spends his free time within an enviable deep woods playland that is almost too cool to believe. (Read)

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