‘Euphoria’ Star Sydney Sweeney Is Reportedly Engaged (Sorry, Internet)

Fresh off the Euphoria Season 2 finale — which apparently put up some serious Game of Thrones numbers — actress Sydney Sweeney is reportedly engaged. On Monday morning, she was spotted wearing (via TMZ) what appears to be a very huge diamond engagement ring. As for who it’s from, well, Sweeney has been highly secretive about her relationship to Jonathan Davino, but that hasn’t stopped the two from being photographed several times together. From TMZ:

It’s the first time Sydney’s been seen with the diamond ring, she’s continuously remained mum on her relationship with her likely new fiancé — Jonathan Davino. Davino’s family owns 14th Round and Finalbell … a device technology and packaging company. The couple reportedly started dating back in 2018 — though Sydney’s never confirmed their relationship — but they’ve been linked and were even photographed together last summer smooching on a yacht.

The potential engagement kicks off a big year for Sweeney, who’s been earning praise for not just her work on Euphoria but also on The White Lotus. In a recent interview, Sweeney revealed that a casting director once told her she’d never make it television followed by a friend’s mother saying no boy would ever love her. (Yikes.) Clearly, Sweeney proved both of them wrong.

“I’m a very active person,” Sweeney told British GQ. “I get hurt. I get bruises. I get cuts. I think I came back from laser tag, and I had rug burns all over my legs because I got really into it. And she sat me up on the counter and told me that no boy will ever love me if I have marks on my body. I told her, well, I guess I’m just gonna have to love myself.”

(Via TMZ)