Some Bozo Casting Director Once Told Sydney Sweeney She’d Never Make It In Television

Sydney Sweeney is everywhere all of a sudden. This is not a complaint: she’s giving an Emmy-worthy performance on Euphoria this season, and she was equally excellent as a terrifying teen on The White Lotus. In the past couple of weeks, Sweeney has called out the double standards women face when it comes to nude scenes; discussed her car repair videos on TikTok; and appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan and British GQ.

For the latter, Sweeney was asked to name a moment in her career where she was doubted. “A casting director told me once that I will never be on a TV show,” she replied. “Now, I’m on some of the biggest TV shows in the world.” Some big movies, too.

Sweeney remembered another encounter:

“I had someone tell me once, it was [someone’s] mother, actually… I’m a very active person. I get hurt. I get bruises. I get cuts. I think I came back from laser tag, and I had rug burns all over my legs because I got really into it. And she sat me up on the counter and told me that no boy will ever love me if I have marks on my body. I told her, well, I guess I’m just gonna have to love myself.”

A live look at the casting director and that person’s mother:

The moral of the story: do not doubt Sydney Sweeney.

(Via British GQ)