Did Glen Powell’s Girlfriend Unfollow Sydney Sweeney Because The ‘Euphoria’ Star Is Dating Her Boyfriend? Maybe?!?!?!?

Let’s start with what we know: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, two attractive actors, are starring in a movie called Anyone But You. There are many photos of the Top Gun and Euphoria stars looking, let’s say, cozy together while filming the R-rated romantic comedy. Sweeney hung out with his family, and Powell held her while she did whatever’s happening here.

Here’s what else we know: Sweeney is engaged to restaurateur Jonathan Davino and Powell has a girlfriend, model Gigi Paris, who had initially “commented a string of celebratory emojis on Sweeney’s post announcing the casting news for the rom-com in January,” according to the Daily Beast, but “now [her] comment appears to have been deleted.” Page Six has more:

Popular gossip account DeuxMoi has speculated that Paris’ relationship with Powell has been on the rocks in the months since filming with Sweeney began. Paris traveled to the Sydney film set to be with Powell in late March but returned to the US less than two weeks later.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed or denied. There were rumors about Powell and Zoey Deutch while they were making Set It Up, so maybe he just has good chemistry with his co-stars? (Both female, as seen here, and male, as seen in Everybody Wants Some!!) It’s not on the level of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, but nothing is. They were hot enough to melt ice(man).

If this is a PR stunt for Anyone But You, it’s working.

Glen Powell Sydney Sweeney
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(Via the Daily Beast and Page Six)