Tampon, Tampoff: The #FreeBleeding Movement Is A 4chan-Supported Hoax

I’ve noticed an article from Modern Woman Digest has been making the rounds on Facebook lately, shared by everyone from your freshman dorm buddy to your misogynistic uncle. The headline: “Disturbing New Feminist Trend: Free-Bleeding.” Before getting to the block quote, please note that the most-read article on Modern Woman Digest is “Top Five Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead.” OK, here you go:

A disturbing new trend is on the rise, thanks to extreme feminist bloggers and activists everywhere. The trend is something called “Free Bleeding,” in which a woman who is menstruating chooses to use feminine products no longer, in exchange for allowing her blood to flow “freely” out of her body, staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up. (Via)

The writer goes onto explain why Free Bleeding is a “bad and ugly practice.” Thing is, it’s a total hoax.

As part of its month-long vendetta, 4chan’s /b/ is trying to convince women that feminine hygiene products are a form of oppression and they should not be used. It’s called Operation Freebleeding, a “new radical feminist movement.” The goal is to manufacture enough fake social media outrage over the use of sanitary pads that news organizations and feminists fall for it. (Via)

They fell for it.

Fake Twitter accounts were created and manipulated photos went viral on Tumblr, all in the name of spreading the “free bleeding” movement, because to quote the Daily Dot, “teenage boys, with no understanding of the movement they’re criticizing” are having fun. The Dot also notes, “It’s…nothing to get riled up about.” Truth, but that would require five seconds of research to see it’s fake.

The Daily Dot via Modern Woman Digest

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