Ted Cruz Had A Laugh At That Cancun-Inspired Halloween Costume, And Yep, He Totally Missed The Point

Ted Cruz may have had a delightfully “evil” response to a group claiming to uncover the Zodiac Killer’s real identity, but people aren’t thrilled with his reaction to that Cancun-and-Snowflake themed Halloween costume. Sure, he’s being a little bit self-deprecating, but there’s also plenty missing from his response. Let’s back up a bit.

A pair of brilliant Halloween costumes surfaced down in Texas from Rose Clouston, the director of voter protection for Texas Democratic Party, and Steven Becerra, who dreamed up “the scariest thing we could think of.” They did a pitch-perfect rendition with Steven dressing up as Ted doing the Airport Walk of Shame after he fled responsibility for his frozen constituents for a sunny Cancun vacation. Ted left his dog, Snowflake, behind with a security guard, and the dog was spotted (looking all lonesome) in the front glass door of his home. And Ted, apparently, loved the recreation

“Ok, I laughed out loud at this one,” Ted merrily tweeted. “Snowflake had a wonderful Halloween, and he was thrilled to be remembered in a costume!”

To give Cruz the benefit of the doubt here (I know), he may have thought the best political move here was to show that he can, you know, laugh at himself. What a sport! However, a lot of people wanted to know why he found anything about this situation — a fatal one, in which people literally froze in their homes — to be so funny. If he had acknowledged, even slightly, that he actually made a wrong move, these responses would have turned out much differently.