Ted Cruz Loved Getting Repeatedly Humiliated By Trump So Much In 2016 That He’s Considering A 2024 Run

If there’s one thing most people remember about Ted Cruz’s ill-fated 2016 presidential run, it’s probably watching the Texas senator be verbally beaten into submission by Donald Trump again and again… and again. In addition to nicknaming Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” (no one ever said Trump was very clever when it came to nicknames), the soon-to-be president claimed that Ted’s dad was involved in JFK’s assassination and, perhaps most infamously, said Cruz’s wife Heidi was ugly. Basically, they were one debate away from 60 minutes of yo mama jokes. However, according to Cruz, it was “the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”

On Thursday, the booger-eating senator appeared on Newsmax—because, let’s face it, who else wants him?—to discuss the current state of affairs in the country and was eventually asked if he had any plans to run for president in 2024. His answer was the one we all feared:

“Well, sure. I’m certainly looking at it. I’ll tell you, 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. We came incredibly close, had an incredible grassroots army—326,000 volunteers nationwide. And so whether it is in the Senate or whether it is in a presidential campaign, I’m committed to fighting to defend free enterprise, to defend freedom, and to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And right now, the battleground is the U.S. Senate. Right now, the battleground is fighting back on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the incredible threat they’re posing to our liberty and so I’m proud to be leading that fight right now in the U.S. Senate.”

Whether he remains in the Senate or moves his Creep-a-Day calendar into the Oval Office, if things ever get too heated, he can always sneak off to Cancun for a weekend of margaritas and foam parties at Señor Frogs.