Ted Cruz Is Being Dragged After He Tried And Failed To Dunk On Dan Rather

Because self-owns are his speciality, Ted Cruz spent Wednesday evening getting roasted on Twitter after he tried and failed to dunk on beloved veteran journalist Dan Rather. The former news anchor has taken on an elder statesman-like role in recent years, but he’s not above getting his hands dirty and taking a few shots when necessary. One of those shots included a dig at Cruz and his fellow Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

“When Cotton or Cruz trends on Twitter it should come with a trigger warning,” Rather tweeted, which clearly got under Cruz’s skin because he fired back at Rather a few hours later. “I’m sorry your sensitive soul is triggered,” the Texas senator snapped back. “You’ve spent 60 years being a professional liar.”

As mentioned earlier, Rather has become a beloved and soothing presence during the tumultuous years of the Trump administration, so it didn’t take long for people to come out of the woodwork to put Cruz in his place.


At this point, Cruz should be used to getting stomped on every time he tweets. Not even two days ago, he got called out by Lebron James after trying to take a shot at Michael Vick PSA for voting rights. He’s also been the recent target of former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who’s been dropping profanity laced remarks about Cruz throughout his entire book tour, which has already caused the Texas senator to lash out. Naturally, Cruz’s outburst didn’t stop Boehner, who later dropped by The View to call his rival “Lucifer in the flesh.”

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter)