Ted Cruz Is Getting Dunked On (Again) For His Hilariously Bad (And Nonsensical) Response To Biden’s Hope For A Normal 4th Of July

It’s been a minute since Ted Cruz played himself, but good news, the King of Self-Owns is back. Outside of making some noise over Dr. Seuss being “canceled,” which resulted in the Texas senator getting roasted by Jimmy Kimmel and Daisy Ridley (again), things have been relatively quiet for Cruz after his disastrous decision to fly to Cancun while the citizens of Texas were left to literally freeze to death in their homes after a massive winter storm. However, Cruz apparently felt the need to tap into his “Freedom!” yelling speech from CPAC by… challenging Joe Biden to come and take his barbecue grill?

In what he thought was a clever move, Cruz tweeted an odd meme that features a grill and the Texas motto “Come and Take It” in response to Biden’s Thursday night speech where he predicted that most Americans should be able to safely have Fourth of July barbecues this year thanks to his administration’s robust vaccine distribution plan. For the record, this is great news, and really should not have been controversial. Instead, Cruz joined other Republicans in treating a July 4th cookout as some sort of political act of defiance instead of a nice thing that Biden genuinely hopes everybody can do.

You can see Cruz’s tweet below:

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the dunks to start piling in as people were genuinely confused by what it is Cruz is complaining about. They also didn’t waste an opportunity to bring up his disastrous trip to Cancun.

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter)