Ted Cruz Is Being Called Out For Voting Against Hurricane Sandy Relief Now That He’s Asking Biden To Help Texas

Texas and neighboring states are in a rough patch right now, with a freak winter storm leaving millions without power, freezing in a part of the nation that hasn’t had weather this cold in decades, if not longer. One of Texas’ senators, Ted Cruz, has rightly called for disaster relief, and hopefully they get it quick. Two things, though: Not only was Cruz among a number of Republicans who made jokes last year when California suffered their own energy crisis, he was also one of the lawmakers who voted against the federal assistance after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Cruz along with fellow Texan senator John Cornyn joined forces to request federal assistance after learning that state and local government were unable to battle the severity of the storm on their own. They wrote:

“Prolonged sub-freezing temperatures, strained energy capacity, and treacherous roadways are just a few of the current dangers faced by all Texans. In the last three days, there have been 11 crash-related fatalities as road conditions deteriorate. More than 23,000 Texans have lost power, and frozen pipes have impacted water distribution across the state.”

This is all very noble! But where was this Cruz in 2012, when parts of New York and New Jersey were under water from a freak hurricane? And why did he think power outages in California last summer was a time to attack AOC and ilk? (On a related note, parts of the GOP, including Rep. Lauren Boebert, have blamed their ills on the Green New Deal, which hasn’t even been voted on, let alone enacted.)

And so, much like that time he tried to reach out to AOC only to be reminded that he helped nearly get her and many others killed by MAGA rioters, Cruz’s attempt at do-goodery only reminded many that he’s a jerk.

So just to recap: Both Ted Cruz and John Cornyn voted against Hurricane Sandy relief. Now their state needs financial assistance. It should get it, and it shouldn’t be thanks to them.