Ted Cruz Is Now Feuding With Patton Oswalt Over COVID Cancellations, And It’s Getting Ugly For The Cancun Superfan

Ted Cruz never misses an opportunity to take a cheap shot, even though the tactic generally backfires on him. That was the case when Cruz, a self-declared The Princess Bride superfan, came for Westley actor Cary Elwes, who mopped the floor with the Texas Republican. And Ted, who spends way too much time on social media, decided to come for comedian Patton Oswalt, who announced that he pulled multiple tour dates (in Florida and Utah) from venues that refused to require proof of vaccination and a negatory COVID test for audience members.

While retweeting an article from The Blaze (a conservative outlet), Ted decided to get snippy with a boilerplate comeback: “Both of his fans were disappointed.”

This presented a huge onslaught of reactions from Patton fans (it must be noted that he bests Cruz with 4.7 million Twitter followers as opposed to 4.5 million), but first, here are Patton’s (weary) replies, which included shot at Ted’s Cancun fiasco and “Ted, you Tweeted this at 1am. Put the phone down and return to liquid form for a few hours.” The A.P. Bio star also couldn’t resist firing a shot at Ted’s notorious (apparent) porn “like” and the January 6 hearings.

However, the real smackdown came from Patton fans that piled onto Ted’s tweet to ask why he’s making light of a pandemic. People also noted the difference in followers between Ted and Patton, and they wondered why Ted isn’t focusing his energy on, you know, the job that he was elected to do.

Fair enough. Also, this: