Ted Cruz Tried To Pick A Fight With Trevor Noah Again And Got Owned, Again

Since the last four months, Ted Cruz has pretended as though he didn’t help foment a failed MAGA insurrection. Instead of retiring in disgrace, he’s done things like abandon his constituents during a crisis. And he’s picked Twitter fights. They always blow up in his face, be it AOC or the star of his favorite movie, who hates his guts. A couple weeks ago he tried to come for Trevor Noah and because the only thing he’s good at is avoiding responsibility for his actions, he wound getting repeatedly owned.

Cruz didn’t learn his lesson, and so on Friday he tried again. The Daily Show recently did a segment about Twitter toying with the idea of flagging posts considered “mean.” It wouldn’t ban them. It would simply flag them, asking the user to verify if they indeed want to post something untoward. Buried towards the beginning of the segment was a couldn’t-resist Cruz joke. When he caught wind of this, he tried to come for Noah.

“Trevor Noah is turning into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction,” Cruz tweeted, along with their rabbit emojis — a nod to the grim fate that meets Michael Douglas’ daughter’s favorite pet. It was a mediocre jab at best, and Noah responded with an old stand-by.

“Ted, what’s the best way to end this feud: by insulting your wife or your dad?” Noah wrote back.

Cruz is regularly dragged for throwing his support behind Trump, a man who’s called his wife ugly and claimed his dad assassinated JFK. Although Cruz stayed anti-Trump for a while, he eventually caved, ensuring that any time he tries to come for anyone, there’s always a good way to shut him up. Indeed, Cruz never tried to clap back.