Ted Cruz Got More Than He Bargained For When He Picked A Twitter Fight With Trevor Noah And ‘The Daily Show’

They say experience is the greatest teacher, but Senator Ted Cruz is going a long way to disprove that theory. After all, the Republican from Texas has had his dignity thrown in the garbage more times than we can count after wading into Twitter feuds with people who are funnier and smarter than him and yet … here he is, getting in the social media ring with Trevor Noah.

Let’s back up a bit.

On a recent episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah broke down the latest 2020 Census news. Basically, Texas picked up some congressional seats while states like California and New York lost them. Oh, and the birth rate is the lowest it’s been since 1930. In the clip, Noah playfully mocked people who didn’t fill out their census form and reminded us all why The Great Depression was so bad: mainly, there was nowhere to sit.

Despite literally no one asking his opinion, Senator Cruz decided to weigh in on this bit of satire with a tweet of his own that left everyone, including Noah, confused. In the biggest display of “I read the headline, but not the entire article, and just assumed I knew what the story was about” energy we’ve seen in a while Cruz poked fun at Noah’s liberal outrage over people “fleeing” Blue states for Texas, saying Noah “doesn’t understand why people like freedom.” He also implied that the show predicted Biden’s term in office would bring about a new Great Depression.

Owning the libs is cool and all, we guess, but when you make a complete fool of yourself by so obviously refusing to watch the video you’re about to pin your daily allotment of faux outrage on, well, you deserve to get dragged. And Noah, he’s perfected the art of humiliating dumb politicians by reminding people of their own f*ck-ups.

Here’s proof:

Okay, but who’s already started a countdown clock for when Cruz eventually drafts up an unironic t-shirt with the phrase “I wear your scorn with pride” on it?