Ted Cruz Is Upset About Being Mocked On Twitter For Warning America About ‘Space Pirates’

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Ted Cruz gave remarks on Tuesday during a Subcommittee on Aviation and Space hearing, of which he is a chair, seemingly backing up President Donald Trump’s call for a Space Force. In his opening remarks Cruz called for a “serious, sober look” for potential future threats on the “space landscape,” citing the fact that the “space domain is more active than ever.”

And then he took things a step further than even Trump has been willing to do, warning of impending “space pirates” as a menace to the galaxy. Like, as in Star Wars and other made-up works of science fiction:

“Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea, nations have recognized the necessity of naval forces and maintaining a superior capability to protect waterborne travel and commerce from bad actors.

Pirates threaten the open seas, and the same is possible in space. In this same way, I believe we too must now recognize the necessity of a Space Force to defend the nation and to protect space commerce and civil space exploration.”

To the surprise of no one, Cruz’s remarks were taken out of context, because — well, space pirates! — and eventually became a user-created Twitter moment as people began mocking him. Then, because Ted Cruz is evidently unaware of how Twitter moments work, he lashed out at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to complain about the negative coverage — as if Dorsey himself was somehow personally responsible.

“Hey @jack how come Twitter’s ‘moment’ quotes all the snarky leftists making fun of my comments,” he wrote. “But doesn’t include my tweets in response explaining the real point that NATIONS like China have already developed & tested weapons to destroy satellites?”

He then followed up with similar tweets aimed at MSNBC and Yahoo News:

As even less of a surprise, Cruz’s temper tantrum did even less to help his case, as you can see from the ensuring madness:

And others brought up some of his “greatest hits.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes piled on to call Cruz’s tweet “the saddest tweet” he’s ever seen, and the soup king responded with what seemingly passes for “humor” with him:

You’ve got to hand it to the guy, he really gives Mike Huckabee a run for his money.