Cancun Ted Cruz Is Being Dragged For Hypocrisy Amid His Crusade Against United Airlines Over Their Vaccine Mandate

Much maligned Senator Ted Cruz (who is vaccinated and famously wore a Texas flag mask while flying to Cancun in the midst of a devastating ice storm) took a break from being upset over Big Bird‘s promotion of vaccines to rail against United Airlines. He’s very, very upset at CEO Scott Kirby, who defended the hard-line stance of the airline on mandating vaccination for staff. While speaking to the Senate Commerce hearing this week, Kirby stood firm after being dressed down by Ted. In response, Kirby insisted, “We did this for safety. We believe it saved lives.”

Ted, however, is outraged on behalf of those United pilots who are resisting vaccination, but (as usual) he’s being hyperbolic. Reuters is reporting that 200 United employees have been fired out of a total of 67,000. Further and as Kirby related, only 6 pilots were fired out of a total of 13,000. This is far too many for Ted Cruz to stomach, and during that same hearing, he fired off a rant which Lauren Boebert enthusiastically tweeted and endorsed while slamming “these terrible mandates.”

Ted also hopped into the Twitter game and blamed the grounding of United flights (which is an ongoing issue fueled by the pandemic as a whole, not necessarily because of the firings) on the “abusive vaccine mandate.”

Naturally, people came for Ted with a volley of arguments. This includes pointing out that United Airlines is well within its rights to forbid pilots from drinking alcohol before flights for safety purposes, so vaccines should be the same drill. Further, restaurant workers must wash their hands, and so on. The consideration of safety for the public is part of working in a public-facing job, but Ted is all about the “freedom.”

One thing is for sure: Ted won’t be flying United on his next trip to Cancun.