Ted Cruz Posted Photos Of Himself Delivering Water To Texans After His Cancun Debacle, But People Aren’t Buying It

Donald Trump has been out of office for just over a month, but though he’s no longer around to generate headlines, he should be pleased to know his minions have picked up the slack. Of these, the most prolific news magnet has been, and by a country mile, Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has always been a fixture of fun on social media, but in the last few days he’s amped that up severalfold. And for good reason: While his state was engulfed in a freak winter storm, which left millions without power, he was caught gallivanting off to Cancún for a swanky family vacation.

The fallout was quick and painful — so severe that he was forced to return almost as soon as he landed. Even when he returned, tail between legs, he wasn’t off the hook: People camped outside his home, mocked his attempts at sincerity, even discovered that he has a poodle that’s actually named “Snowflake.” Now even his attempts to right the wrong by delivering water to fellow Texans isn’t going well.

On Sunday, on day four of the debacle, Cruz posted a series of pictures of him doing the thing that folks like Beto O’Rourke have been doing since day one: helping people out on the ground. The photos show him handing out cases of water, as clean H2O is something many in the state don’t currently have. But though Cruz was seeking a pat on the back, not everyone felt like congratulating him for (finally) doing the right thing.

Some pointed out that it was someone else who helped raise the money to pay for that water Cruz for which he’s taking credit.

Others called out what they saw as his fake compassion.

Or called BS.

Many said it was just a photo opp.

Others pointed this out: Someone who’s just flown out of the country really should be quarantining, not getting close to strangers.

And there were other jokes.

Meanwhile, back at the Cruz home, protesters up and brought out a mariachi band.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only scandal plaguing Cruz. He’s also still under fire for helping foment the failed MAGA coup of January 6 — another violent event for which he has yet to apologize or atone.