A Teen Documented The Horrifying State Of The Chocolate Milk His School Serves

Despite Michelle Obama’s best efforts to reduce childhood obesity by cracking down on school lunch programs, cafeteria food will always be cafeteria food — which is to say, vaguely mysterious and sometimes ambiguous. To that point, look no further than this video of “milk” allegedly served at Catskill High School in New York. Now, I say “allegedly” because we don’t actually see the carton of milk being opened so we can’t verify that it hasn’t been tampered with in some way or that it isn’t a hoax (this is the internet, after all). However according to Reddit, where the video was posted on Monday night, there have been many complaints made by students about the chocolate milk served at the school.

At the end of the video, the teen narrator notes that the date on the milk reads “December 2, 2016,” but as many commenters pointed out, the milk does not appear to be spoiled in that it’s not chunky the way milk gets when it goes bad. A few people suggested that the problem may stem from too much carrageenan having been added, a common thickening agent used in chocolate milk that might explain the mucousy texture. Either way, whether the milk is technically safe for human consumption or not, “mucousy” is certainly not an adjective anyone wants to use in describing milk. The OP says that one of the moms from the school plans to complain, so hopefully they’ll get the situation resolved quickly.

(Via Reddit)